Everything started at 6.00am on a beautiful Saturday morning. When I got downstairs at 6.16, Emily, Caroline and Dean were already done with their breakfasts. I thought we are supposed to leave at 6.15, I would have slept another ten minutes. Rather than another 10 min of sleep I had a waffle and a bagel, must be fueled up before a long day.
The traffic wasn’t as bad as Dean expected, so we had plenty of time to change, come together and take a team picture. GO ORANGE!!! I’ve been counting the number of spidermonkeys in the team picture, but it doesn’t match with the spidermonkeys finished, does anyone know why?
After a perfectly motivating speech from Mr Armstrong, the riders started in waves, first wave went off at 7.40, we did at 8.00, not too bad I guess, enough time for Mr Armstong to sprint to his team bus load his bike and run away… Anyway I highly appreciate whatever he does for kids.
Due to a little crowd on the road we started really slow, I think Dean realized my inpatience and said ‘Just warming up bro’, but there was something he didn’t know, Bruno was going to have a flat in less than a minute. As the team ‘domestique’ I jumped off my bike to change his tire… It was done, in a split second or just enough time to every other slowest rider to pass us. Bryan, Dean, Matt and Timmy were waiting for us I’m sure Dean was timing me when I was changing the tire. It was same old crowd until the first rest stop.
I think I touched my sun screened hands to my eyes, the first rest stop just came in time. A lot of water into those eyes… and some food into the stomach and ready to go. The next section was the famous Morraine Hills Drive, I wonder if it’s the same thing as the Kettle Moraine Drive, and it was gorgeous, after some scenic climbs, mostly downhill, fast and smooth… Thanks to Trent who pulled me and Matt all the way to the second rest stop, the guy has nice aerobars and a massive body both works perfectly downhill… Second rest stop wasn’t in the list but we stopped to wait for Bryan and Dean, guys were handling serious business in the back of the pack.
I said ‘ok no more breaking away, I’ll stay in the pack and pull whenever needed’, but I didn’t know, after a few minutes of easy pace I heard somebody calling me. ‘Hayvan’ they yelled. They can even say it right Vanessa and Dean keep saying Hymen, which, you can refer to Grey’s Anatomy if you still don’t know the meaning, is basically nonsense… I’d rather prefer ‘Big Mig’. Yeah someone woke up the animal inside me and I jumped, attacked, climbed the little bump and looked at the back. I did it again, dropped everyone else, sorry… Trent brought Dean after a few minutes and we were again in a three men break away. On a downhill section where Trent got super accelerated we missed the turn, Dean made it and Trent and I, two idiots, u-turned… I saw the other spidermonkeys and I think I heard them laughing… So in anger I attacked again, but Dean was done, he didn’t do anything as I was passing him, but all the missing the turn and turning back thing gave enough time to Matt to catch me. The rest was time trialing between two of us until the third rest stop, where gorgeous Turkey subs were waiting for us.
We spent long time in this one it was mile 40 and we were getting tired. We left the rest stop as a group and proceed through a flat section as a group, until we stopped at a red light which only turns into green for 5 seconds, no kidding, red light and Vanessa’s flat separated us. So we stopped at the next rest stop which wasn’t in the plan. It was a good decision some people get High Life’s where others had chicken wings, bunch of pictures were taken, and we left, again as a group.
Second half of the ride, last 50 miles, more climbing and solo efforts, coming soon…