Weekly Wrap Up March 19th-26th

The road season is finally underway, and it was a very exciting week for the Monkeys with lots of racing!

Last Saturday we did our first “official” group ride, with our new default route, hitting University BEFORE the coffee shop. This is going to be a new standard, giving us an extra 7 miles.

The next day several Spidermonkey’s went out to Joliet for the Spring onto the Autobahn crit. For Stephanie Levine this race marked her first crit ever, and her first return to bike racing since college. Ken, Geoff Scott, Lil v, and Micheal Berman also went out to race in Joliet. You can look at USA Cycling for full results.

Then there were the Gaper’s Block crits! For Chad Dunham and Kelly Clarke this was their first racing experience. And Kelly dove right in, doing all FIVE of the crits. As she said on her facebook page, “Only came in last once my first week of racing. I’ll call that a success! Anyone would call that a success! Kristi, Vanessa B, Todd, and Mike Meyers also tested their legs down on the South Side.

To cap off what was already a great week, Saturday was the Spring Super Crit put on by our “Big Brothers” Burnham Racing along with ourselves. Lot’s of great results for the monkeys! To start the day off, Todd Kaiser WON the cat 5 race.  Todd got some help from his teammates,Tim Driver, Michael Meyers, Peter Tampa, Chad Dunham, John Castro, and Peter Monko. Geoff Scott was Spidermonkey’s lone contribution to the 4’s field. Now that a lot of you boys have gotten a taste of racing, let’s cat up fast and give Geoff some help!

Stephanie Levin, Kristi Hanson, Stewart Chapman and I were all in the women’s Cat 4 race. Actually it was Stewart’s first race, and because of the weather she almost balked, but she didn’t and ended up having a lot of fun.

All in all there were 6 top10’s and 10 top 20’s in 3 races! And lots of people came out just to volunteer, which is just HUGE! Dean and Vanessa want to extend a big big thanks to all those folks and also to Matt, Geoff Scott and Get-a-Grip for lending a hand with neutral support out there.


  1. From Kristi but I totally agree…YEAH KELLY!!!!: “Also want to put a shout out for Kelly Clarke who did her first race at the Gapers Block crits. She showed up every night and put in an awesome effort. She had the highest number of points for the week for the Spidermonkey women and finished 10th in the series. YEAH KELLY!!!!”

  2. hey dean…………………….

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