Weekend Wrap Up

Hopefully everyone had a good holiday weekend, now here are some of the highlights from the weekend:

Fitchburg Wrap

Dan Pollard secured a 6th place finish yesterday at the Fitchburg Crit, he showed the easterners how to race a crit! He also finished the GC, it looks like someone has his game back!

Trent completed all the stages of the race and jumped up some spots in the GC with a wicked Time Trial. This was his first weekend as a cat 4 which makes the finish even more impressive.

Michael Shea also made the trip but a fellow rider’s inability to navigate a decent ended the stage race early, luckily he had Nikki Cyp there to help him after the crash. This is the second time Nikki has gone out of her way to make sure a Spidermonkey was taken care of after a crash, we hope this is the last time. Thanks again Nikki. I heard through the grapevine that after he had to abandon the race Mike won most aggressive feeder. He was crucial in the feed zone handing up bottles and cliff products to his fellow teammates, just don’t ask him to hand up a doughnut because that isn’t going to happen. 

The Burnham boys were the travel companions for the monkey’s throughout the weekend, Congrats to Eric Goodwin, Chris Curran and Nate Iden for strong efforts all weekend including Nate and Chris taking top tens in the crit yesterday, well done sirs!

The Spidermonkeys who went would also like to thank Mr. Eric Goodwin who planned the trip down to the last detail (like every detail I have seen the travel packet!)


Tour of Lawrence Kansas Recap

Vanessa crushed the Crit course using only her feet, how is that you ask? Well prior to the start of the Downtown Tour of Lawrence Crit competitors tested there running ability around the 8 corner 1 mile crit course. Vanessa clocked in a hair above 6 mins to take 1st in her age group (under 25yrs group i am sure)

Dean, Ken and Geoff also made the trip. Dean specialized in beer tasting at FreeState, head cheerleader and kids bike race official starter, while Ken put on a fashion show sporting not one, not two, but three different kits throughout the weekend event, including a skinsuit. Geoff turned himself inside out to complete the challenging circuit (really tough hills, I used to walk them everyday to class and it never helped clear the hangover) he then found time to recover in order to finish 21st in the crit! 

Chicago Style Crit Racing

Then there were those of us who just didn’t have the energy to travel. After ToAD I found my willingness to get behind the wheel and travel zapped. So myself and Mike Meyers ventured to the new ABR race in Des Plaines hosted by Project 5. Katie and Chip road weary from their ToAD travels made the trip as well. Katie scored two top tens (can’t remember the specifics). Mike in his first race of the season settled in with a 20th finish in the 4’s. I was determined to complete a two races that day, and i did just that finishing 19th in the 4’s. As well as a pack finish in the 1/2/3’s race (you have to love the abr cat rules). I was rocking my new Enzo’s Button Hole Chamois Cream, I promise you will love the tingle in your shorts! Masa raced early on Saturday and his his first pack finish with the 5’s.

So it was a good weekend to say the least.

Did i miss something that happened this weekend? If so make sure to tell the group or possibly post it on he blog (email me if you need access)

High Lifes tomorrow,

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  1. if you have pictures let me know and i will add them to the post.

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