Bad weather predictions have been trying to ruin the girl rides, but they’ve been unsuccessful! The goal for this week is to get a record number of girl’s to come out! (as an incentive, there will be coffee and donuts in the Budacki’s parking lot on the way home)

Wednesday, our long lost German rouleur and friend to all spidermonkeys, Uwe returns! Reminding us that he has a killer leadout! Afterwards, the usual stop at JJ Peppers turned into a record long stay – 9:30pm! Celebrating the occasion, Ken Mitchell even bought a case of High Life!

A bunch of us headed to Madison on Saturday to ride with VQ and our favorite coach Dave Noda. Lil V, Josh, and Dean did not one, but TWO loops! When asked how it was, they both responded “we should’ve done one loop” and hobbled away. Pretty sure they’ve been in bed ever since. Not true! Josh and Lil V both showed up on the Sunday ride! Impressive…and crazy!

Did I miss something that happened this weekend? If so make sure to tell Vanessa S or post it on the blog (email me if you need access)