Saturday was our first ever safety clinic (run by Randy Warren). It was a huge success and everybody learned something. We started with clipping in under pressure, built up to bumping each other (including head butts, Sam), and ended with learning how to bump tires and how to fall. Most of it was caught on tape (thanks to Billy!) and we will be putting something together for Spidermonkey’s to watch and practice. My favorite part was when we all held hands with partners and leaned on them. Awwww…so cute!

Sunday was a fast pace ride up to HP. Dania was out once again, but only because she thought Sunday was the slower ride. That didn’t stop her from keeping up, what a monster! Later, a bunch of us hung out at the races at Evanston. Ken started us off with some crazy excitement by immediately making a break and leading the first 3 laps of his race! Go Ken! Sham-a-lam-a-ding-dong! Next up was an exciting race in the cat 3’s where the Burnham Boys controlled the field, coming in 2nd and 3rd. Congrats Chris and Nate! Always so much fun watching Andy Daley and Matt Smith, what a great race!

Tuesday Girl’s Ride, 9 girl’s showed up despite the forecast for rain. Lil V worked so hard, she got a flat going up Tower Road! Dania made it out for her first girl ride this year and it didn’t rain! It was an awesome ride!

Sunday there was also a 1/2 ironman in Racine. Duffey completed his first 1/2 ironman despite having the 24 hour flu two days before! Trent completed his second 1/2 ironman and beat his goal. Nice job guys!

Katie completed her millionth olympic distance triathlon and was the second fastest girl runner! Katie – such a rockstar!

This Saturday is Madison, hope to see you there!