The attacks on the ride were nothing on Wed Nite compared to the attacks from the mosquitos in the Peppers parking lot.  Look for Diffenderfer to be carring his home made jerkey on the ride next week!
Kim “I ride fast” made her return to the Saturday ride!  Welcome back Kim!!!  Congrats to Geoff P and Rebecca on their first long ride to Old School.  We already know Nate attacts Cougars in HP…be on the look out for the Trout (older man looking for younger women).  Lil V and Rebecca kicked it into the big ring to drop the trout following them home.
 Ken (prince of fashion) Mitchell came out on the Sunday ride to show off his new Orange and Black ride.  He now has a bike to match his spidermonkey skinsuit.  Seems Geoff P. is following in John Castro’s footsteps and solo time trialed to catch the ride in HP. “I was nestled all snug in my bed, while visions of sugar-plums danced in my head”
Several spidermonkeys saw Elvis on Thursday night in Grant Park.  Josh, Stewart, Dean and Vanessa were seen running  the Elvis 5K in blue suade shoes.  Thanks to Kim, Brianna, Drew, Steph, Trent for cheering us on! 312 tastes great after a ride or a run!!!!
Spidermonkey of the week:

Matt Riezman

In 2008, Matt got his first adult job and needed something to blow his signing bonus on.  He picked out a snazzy Specialized mountain bike (for sale, if you’re interested, please contact Matt).  Little did he know, he had just moved to the flattest city in the world and the nearest mountain biking was a lot farther away than the the street outside of his apartment (which provided the nearest road biking.)  Matt started riding to work daily and started riding with former Northwestern Cycling standout and now Spidermonkey Ben Levitt (a.k.a. Big Homie, a.k.a. The Dogfather).  As it became clear that a Cat 3 road racer training with a Cat nothing casual rider was not going to work out for either party, Matt decided to look for a club.  When Matt heard about the Spidermonkeys and realized that their name was in fact inspired by his favorite movie scene of all time, he knew he had found the club for him.  He was comforted by the whole “completion” side of things and completed 2 centuries in his first season.  But after countless 312-sponsored conversations and after attending the Chicago Crit, Matt caught the racing bug and now races most weekends with the 312 on his back rather than in his hand (at least until after the race.)  
Look for Matt racing this weekend at the Glencoe Grand Prix in his final Cat 5 race.  Congrats Matt on your amazing transformation from a Cat nothing casual rider to a Cat 4 RACER!