As stated in last weeks wrap-up, the goal was to have a record breaking turnout for the girl spidermonkey Tuesday morning ride.  They did not disappoint, 16 women showed up!  Clearly they don’t just
run on Dunkin…but they did enjoy the coffee and donuts at the end of their ride.
According to Lil V,  You DEFINITELY belong on the Spidermonkey Girls Ride  if you make your own sports drink. Becky makes her own sports drink. “My “sports drink” is nothing more than a little splish of lemon juice concentrate and a little splash of lime juice concentrate (maybe 1T each or less), and a pinch or two of salt (@ 1/4 teaspoon or less).  All of this in each bottle. I believe that the citrus juices have potassium and of course the salt/potassium combo is my way of adding electrolyte functioning in my water.  Sort of keeps the bottles clean too vs. the sugar stuff.
Brianna completed an amazing weekend! 70.3 Stealhead Half IM and Rock n roll half marathon.  Clearly she earned the overachiever award this week!  What’s next? Maybe 3 loops at Madison with VQ on Aug. 7th?  This was just her way of preparing for some really intense physical and mental training this month.  Way to go Yana!!!!

Congrats to all the spidermonkey racers!!!!  Andrew “i need a new jersey” Zens was able to step on the podium with the help of his Cat4 teamates Bryan “I only do classics” Witry and Dan “just throw the damn bottle” Pollard. Now that is teamwork at its best! Click here <------ to read the race report
It true, Dean ran the Terrapin 5K.  With the encouragement and pacing of Vanessa, he completed his first running race in over 30 years!  After the race he said “That was not sweat dripping from my eyes…it was tears (of pain)”
The Saturday ride saw the return of our favorite beer expert Joe Hausfeld.  Clearly he is gearing up his training in preparation for WildCat Alley Northwestern Football!!! We will be pouring beer again this year for Goose at all the Northwestern Football games.  Tickets to the game are provided to all volunteers. Go Wildcats!  Overheard…”See you next week” said Joe
It seems that parity was the strongest suit on the Wed. night ride.  Gaps were closed, flyers neutralized and others doggedly hung on through the thick of it.  Guest rider Tim notched his 1st sprint this year at HP.  Congrats on his perseverance and smart positioning.  We still have 6 weeks remaining, so come out and give it a try.