A Spidermonkey Epic weekend!
MS Ride

Not only did we reach our goal for fundraising for Bike MS, but we blew it up! And we’re not done yet! Over 20 of us showed up for rides on Saturday and Sunday. Beautiful weather, great roads, and great company for long rides made for two perfect rides! Some of us rode 75 on Saturday, while some rode 100. Most of us rode 75 on Sunday. It was a record two day long ride for a lot of us – congratulations to all who participated! Saturday, after the ride, we partnered up with Goose Island to pour some 312 for more amazing bike rider’s, supporters, and volunteers…including our sponsor Team Turner who formed a team and joined us for the ride! Check out our pictures, garmin day 1, and garmin day 2!

While most of us were at the MS Ride, some of us were racing. Goose Island 312 sponsored the race and we did not disappoint! We got some great results – congratulations to Masa, John Lyon, Tim Driver, and Lil V. We already considered Brandon Diffenderfer a champion but he had an amazing race and took the win in the cat 4 race! He is now the state champion! HUGE congratulations to Brandon! Your success and hard work is exciting for all of us! Including Goose Island 312! O and just when you thought he couldn’t be any more amazing, he also showed up on Sunday to participate in the MS Ride. Brandon, you’re a superhero in our book!
While all that was going on, Geoff Scott and Ken represented the Spidermonkey’s at ToAD on Saturday and Sunday. Great job guys!
Dean was allowed to meet up with the girl’s ride on Tuesday…he came prepared with donuts and coffee after the ride. Thanks Dean!

Spidermonkey’s of the week – all of you who raised money, participated, and helped at the MS Ride, we can’t thank you enough!

Brandon – state champion

Daina – Natural beer pourer
Duffey – “I thought the ride started at 8am”
Dean – Really bad dancer
Fred – Chair breaker
Grace – “These people are so frickin nice!”
Jason – “I’m falling apart”
John Castro – 2010 Ricky Bobby Award Recipient and giant iPad creator
Josh – Doper
Justeen – Dating the state champion
Kelly – Uses cops to break into her car for no reason
Kim – Hardcore? Or idiot?
Kristi – Contagious laugh
Marc – New kid on the block
Matt – Sleeps like a rock
Meghan – “I haven’t been on my bike since VQ”
Michael – “You wanna drop back with me and time trial up to the group?”
Mike – Runway model
Monica – Wears protection
Peter – Went for a run after our century ride
Roxanne – “I’m a bad wife. I just dropped my husband.”
Sam – “I made it and didn’t need the sag wagon for the last mile”
Scott – Kissed by Angels
Steph – Flattest stomach after the ride
Stewart – “I wasn’t prepared for all the open nakedness”
Vanessa – “Ruh-roh!”