If last week was chock-full of excitement on the bike, this week didn’t disappoint off of it.  Early in the week one of Spidermonkey’s biggest and most loyal sponsors, 312 beer, made big news with its own “win” as its parent, Goose Island, announced it was bought by A-B Inbev.  To all Spidermonkeys’ relief, Dean fielded a call from Goose Island where the message was loud and clear: Our relationship has helped fuel the company’s growth and nothing will change with our sponsorship!  

Back on the bike, 19 of us showed up bright-eyed at 8am, with John Castro 10min late (naturally) for our Saturday jaunt to Highland Park. Trent, Mike Meyers and Liz were not among the group, as it seems Rebecca “had just put them to bed at 5am.”  Come one guys, haven’t you heard “what happens in Vegas (e.g. all night partying) stays in Vegas”?   Moving right along, the ride marked the debut for one of our newest members – welcome, Frederick Hartray; as well as Ken’s latest and greatest piece of equipment – new wheels; and Fred made a brief appearance on his new bike.

On the way up Damen the peleton stopped as Todd Kaiser and family were spotted out and about.  Todd let everyone know his collarbone surgery was set for this week and he seemed upbeat despite the early season setback.  Of course, Spidermonkey is doing its part to help keep Todd’s spirit (and form) up, as it was announced he was going to be able to ride at VQ while he recovers.

Between Bahai – Highland Park – Bahai, Drew showed the he’s still in great form winning several of the sprints, and when he didn’t it was because John Castro and Tim were there to keep him honest.  

The action on the bike this week wasn’t constrained to the North Shore as Kristi and Little V raced at Hillsboro.  Great job Spidermonkey women!!!!

As we head further into April it means two things: 1 – The Cubs and Sox have begun their annual chase for anything but first place; and 2 – April 6 will be the first Wednesday night ride! Whether you’re a grizzled veteran or a young gun, this is the ride you’ve been waiting for.  And who can blame you?  Any ride that has been called “vomit inducing” and ends at the Chicago cycling hub, JJ Peppers has to be fun.  If you didn’t receive your “personal” invite from Bryan here are the basic details:  6 pm at Roscoe Village Bikes; Bring lights; John “Sudds” Lyon will be the evening’s leader and will provide full details, e.g. route and etiquette, before the ride rolls.
 “I mean, you either love spinning the pedals and watching scenery whiz by, or you don’t. And if you love it, not much can sour you on the idea of riding your bike.” – Keith Mills