On June 26th several of the spidermonkeys took a short trip to Lake Geneva for a bike ride and big wheel TT with the kids at COSI Camp. The Children’s Oncology Services, Inc. (COSI) believes that a diagnosis of cancer should not prevent a child from experiencing the simple joys of childhood…and the spidermonkeys couldn’t agree more!

Last year several of us went to Lake Geneva, did a 30 mile bike ride around the lake and then had lunch with the kids. We were honored to be invited to watch the kids talent show after lunch. We decided that it would be really fun if we could get more involved and participate in an event with them the following year. This is where Vanessa came up with an ambitious plan to have a big wheel tour de france style time trial. We would have 49 kids for 2 hours!!!! She came up with a plan to have the kids split into teams, pick a team leader (big wheel rider), team name, decorate a team jersey for the rider, team name, team cheer, posters…etc. Little did we know the hardest part was finding a big wheel. Craigslist came through again! You should have seen the excitement in the gym! Team names included the Cavemen (mustaches included), Pretty Polka Dots, Kick Flash, Speed Demons, etc… They had to work as a team, including 3 pit stops where teams were positioned to encourage their riders while tying empty soda cans to the back of the big wheel (picture, just married cans). Cow bells, screams and cheers continued til the final team crossed the finish line. All teams won prizes…best team name, best decorated jersey, best cheer, loudest cheering section, etc.

The event was a HUGE success! All the kids had a blast…and the monkeys can’t wait to do it again!!!! (after a long nap…its was exhausting and exhilarating!)

We hope you will join us next year.