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If your nose’s sniffling-and-dripping rate goes up as the temperature goes down, that’s not unusual even if you don’t suffer from the medical condition called vasomotor rhinitis. (Drugs can help stem the stream; see your doc.) To get rid of the overflow while riding, here’s the method we use.
1. Grip bar near stem with left hand
2. Turn head to right
3. Press right thumb against right nostril
4. Lean slightly to right
5. Firmly blow left nostril clear
Do the opposite for the right nostril, blowing to the bike’s left side. We know there are other techniques. This one works for us. Save it for when you’re at the rear of the group or paceline to avoid soiling riding partners. And be very careful in a crosswind.

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  1. When I lived in Iowa, we called this the “farmer’s blow”. Tried and true technique, indeed.

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