The Ricky Bobby Award

A few weeks before our end of the year bash, Dean told me he wanted to do some type of an award for a spidermonkey – a “spidermonkey of the year” award, only he wanted to name it something else. He was hoping it would be a tradition for spidermonkey. I loved the idea. We started tossing around ideas for a name and at one point, I asked him what the name of Will Ferrel’s character in Talladega Nights was? Our search was over. Then we talked about who should get the 2008 award. We both agreed that it could go to so many people but we decided on Jesus Cruz.

Dean ordered the award and I went to go see it. It was awesome, but it didn’t have the plaque. When I asked Dean about it, he said that it was in the mail. I was soooo excited about the award. I kept talking to Dean about it and telling him that I couldn’t wait for him to award it to Jesus. We actually discussed what he should say about the characteristics of the Ricky Bobby Award and I wrote them down for him to remember when he gave the speech:

• Shows Initiative
• Encouraging
• Involved
• Supportive
• Rock of spidermonkey
• Wakes up and pisses excellence

At the night of the party, I noticed the plaque was still missing. I didn’t have a chance to ask because we were so busy. When the time came, I was bursting with excitement! I was holding it in my hand but hidden from everybody. So…when Dean said this year’s Ricky Bobby Award goes to…me, I was totally confused…and saw that they had another award with a plaque on it…then embarrassed…

Spidermonkeys really pulled one over on me! I was completely caught off guard and wished the next day that I would’ve at least gave a speech to say “thanks”. I know the award could’ve gone to anybody but I completely appreciate it and I absolutely LOVE my Ricky Bobby Award and display it proudly! Thanks Spidermonkeys :)


  1. You TOTALLY deserve it, girl. Enjoy that spectacular award!

  2. Congrats, Vanessa! Well deserved, too.

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