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SOTW Holiday Edition Part 1 – Ride Leader Words of Wisdom

Words of Wisdom from these two??

Words of Wisdom from these two??

Around this time of year, we get a little nostalgic over the highs and lows of the previous season.  We reminisce about all the laughs and the things we learned.  Then, we start thinking about the next season, goals, races, sprints, etc.  In this Spidermonkey of the Week Holiday Edition Part 1, we’ve collected Words of Wisdom from the team’s ride leaders.  In Part 2, our fearless leaders (see image above) will write something inspiring for next season (don’t hold your breath).

Dean Okun

  • Did you know that we have ride leaders on all Spidermonkey rides?  They are Spidermonkeys with lots of Spidermonkey group ride experience.  They set the tone of the ride at the ride start.  You can count on them to keep an eye out for the safety of the group.  If you have ANY questions about Spidermonkey Cycling, the ride, the route, etc…don’t hesitate to ask them.
  • There are many opportunities to get involved with Spidermonkey Cycling.  You can become a ride leader, a fundraiser, a weekend rider, a Wednesday Night Rider, a bbq/sunday brunch host, a fundraiser, a cross racer, a road racer, a crit racer, a century rider, a social gathering coordinator.  You can count on Spidermonkeys to support any activity you’re involved with!
  • You should come to Vegas for our training camp…incredible riding and great fun!  A great way to get to know more of the team.
  • We are about completion, not competition.  We get really excited about all of it!

Vanessa Schilling

  • Don’t be intimidated to come out on your first group ride, we were all new once! I showed up for my first ride with a bike lock and rode in the “little wheel” (known to everybody else as the “small chainring”) the whole ride.
  • If a car drives over your foot or any part of your body, it’s probably not ok and you should scream even if it doesn’t hurt at the time.

Drew Kushnick

  • At least once every couple of months, do a long ride with friends that doesn’t involve a registration fee, a race number, or a heart-rate monitor.
  • No matter what direction you ride, you’ll always have a headwind coming home.

Stephanie Kushnick

  • Riding is NOT like sex, it’s better to be predictable.
  • Warm gloves are crucial in the cold months. If your hands are cold, your entire body will be cold.

Rebecca Paulson Meyers

  • Girl’s rides are awesome!  Totally worth the loss of sleep.
  • Being a Spidermonkey is about becoming an even better cyclist and becoming part of an incredible group of friends.  Can’t wait to see everyone on the road in 2013!

Mike Meyers

  • If you’re new or not sure about the pace, stay in the middle to the back of the group, until you feel comfortable with the route and the way the group works together
  • Be patient with the process, we were all beginners at one point, even Dean!

Kristi Hanson

  • Girl’s rides are awesome and a perfect way to start a Tuesday morning! Also, it is a very supportive environment, where you can learn a ton.
  • Wednesday Night Rides can seem intimidating at first, but the only way you will get faster is by riding with those who are better than you are!! If you know the route, come out and hold on as long as you can. Most of us get dropped so set small personal goals each week. Mine is always to hold on longer than I did the week before.
  • Cyclocross and mountain biking is way fun so come join us off roaders!! Did you know there is a pretty good group of Spidermonkeys who are taking on the trails these days :-)
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. I am amazed what I learn every day from this great group of folks!
  • We all have good and bad days on the bike. Learn to accept this early and you will have a lot more fun :)

Kelly Clarke (ride leader in training?)

  • Get to know the route, even if you’re not leading a ride. It’s safer when you take a pull at the front and if you do a faster ride (Wednesday Night Ride*) it won’t be a problem if you get dropped. I do the WNR and get dropped all the time – it’s been a great learning experience for me, but it would be scary if I couldn’t navigate my way once I lose the group. (Even though, we’ve since instated a ‘B’ group that regroups and goes a little slower so you always have someone to ride with). *WNR is a drop ride, which means it’s expected to be faster and we don’t wait for everyone. Saturday rides are a little slower and we don’t let the group separate.
  • Always have a spare tube and an inflator! This is the absolute best portable inflator out there and our friends at Get a Grip carry it.

John Castro

  • We were all bike newbies at one point, if you see a new rider spinning a too easy gear or mashing too big of a gear or accelerating through their turn at the front of the paceline, etc, speak up and give some constructive pointers.  I’ve definitely had a lot of help along the way.
  • Communicate.  1. When you’re on the front of the paceline, make sure you talk to the person next to you and coordinate when you pull off.  2. We’re a big team, if you don’t know the person next to you .. introduce yourself, we’re all mostly friendly.  :-)

That’s it!  Not all the ride leaders chose to respond to repeated pestering emails so you’ll have to take a look at last year’s wise words here to see some wisdom from Josh Green, Brandon Diffenderfer and SM alum John Lyon. And stay tuned for next week’s SOTW Holiday Edition Part 2 … (drumroll starts now).

Spidermonkeys of the Week – Ride Leader Words of Wisdom

For the first installment of the new year, we thought a few words of wisdom from the Spidermonkey Ride Leaders would help set the tone for another great year or at the very least waste a couple minutes of your time.  So read on, absorb the wisdom, piss excellence and ride on!

Dean Okun – The Wisest of the Wise

  1. Any ride that ends at JJ Peppers is a good ride!
  2. “Special A” at Budacki’s is the perfect recovery food.
  3. No, Ken Mitchell is not a Rockefeller, but has nicer bikes than them.
  4. Getting a flat tire is NOT catastrophic!!!
  5. You do not chew ZYM!
  6. There IS sushi at the rest stop on the Harmon Hundred!
  7. The Easter Bunny will steal your gloves on the Easter Ride.
  8. Do not change your shorts/skinsuit after applying Embrocation….you will get it on your junk.
  9. Shaving your legs is pro.  Not shaving all the way up and having hair shorts is NOT pro.
  10. “Reply All” is not a button you press to win the lottery.
  11. Rookie Tattoo‘s (or Cat5 Tattoo’s) aren’t just for rookies!

Vanessa Schilling – Wiser than the Wisest

  1. For the newbies: wearing underwear under your shorts is a huge faux pas. More importantly, you will be made fun of for the rest of your life.
  2. Folding the changing tent looks so easy but it’s not.

Rebecca Paulson Meyers – Wiser than Michael Meyers

  • On chilly rides, an extra sports bra in a sandwich bag for a wardrobe change in HP is a lifesaver.

John Lyon – Questionable Wisdom for Moving to NW Indiana

  1. When temperatures rise stick a frozen water bottle down your back.
  2. When riding home from Three Floyds on a 100 degree day jump in Lake Michigan to cool off.
  3. Don’t drink 3-5 beers before riding home from 3 Floyds on a 100 degree day.
  4. If a bus tries to pass a group of 15 people on a Wednesday Night Ride let it go. The next street is probably your turn.
  5. Before you chase Drew up Tower Rd find out where he plans to turn around!

Drew Kushnick – The Wise Attacker

  1.  4 out of 5 experts agree that running is not good training for cycling.
  2. Ask one of our ride leaders (Rebecca) how to get a Rookie Tattoo and for advice on how to get them off.

Kristi Hanson – I’m so Wise, I’d rather be Climbing

  1. According to Dean you can ride on a flat for days.
  2. Girls do go on the Wednesday Night Ride. Some of us stay with the fast boys (aka Vanessa, Kim, and Katie), but most of us do not so you will most likely have people to ride with. If not, just know the route and hang on as long as you can. It will make you faster. :-)

Josh Green – Pisses Wisdom All of the Time!

  1. Never let a new rider lead the group, even if they are faster than everyone else in the group.
  2. When that new rider gets to the front anyway and asks should they turn left the answer is “correct” not “that’s right.”
  3. There is *never* sushi at any rest stop.
  4. Watch out for big grated manhole covers unless you like to fall over at 0 mph when everyone is watching.

Brandon Diffenderfer – I’m so Wise I can spell my own last name

  1. If you “win” the Ugly Jersey competition, we should never see you in that kit again.
  2. Blinkies are cheap, buy one.
  3. PRO: I don’t know where it started. I don’t know who started it. But use of PRO as shorthand for cool/hardman/awesome/remarkable is really, really annoying. More rants can be found here
  4. We don’t care about your max 5 minute power output, you’re still slow.

John Castro – Pissed Wisdom Last Year

  1. It’s helpful to have 1-3 alarms spread around your bedroom to ensure you get up on time to make it to the Saturday ride.  Or bust your ass to catch up with the group somewhere on the way north .. and sometimes if you’re really late, hopefully before everyone’s done with coffee at HP.
  2. Some experts agree that running is good training for cycling.

We could go on and on and on … but, we’ll spare you.  We’re looking forward to another great year!  See you all out on the road (and dirt)!!

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