I rode in a straight line, 210 mile long, to be precise…. On Sat. July 12 I rode the Seattle Portland ride.  11 hrs. odd minutes.  Rollers, some flats, one big hill and one big bridge. Beautiful weather, not a cloud in the sky but a bit hot, in the high 80’s in the late pm.  I did this ride last year and it was quite a bit hotter this year, mainly because of the total absence of cloud cover.  There are 8,000 people on this ride, but only 20% do it in one day, so the crowds really thin out after the century half way point.  Very well-marked, generally well-behaved riders, though there are always a few idiots.  What the heck, 8000 of anything, you will gather up a few morons…right?  The scenery is very nice, especially in the morning riding out past all the lakes and parks near Seattle, midway there are some beautiful forested roads.  There is only one dull part, the road going into Portland is a bit busy and lined with strip malls.  

I was the sole Spidermonkey, but next year maybe I can convince a few of you to come out and do this ride, it is one of the very largest and oldest group rides in the country.  And you can tell your friends you rode a double century!!