Yesterday we had our third Tuesday night ride, myself, Bryan Witry, Dan , Jake and Drew all had a great time on the ride and went to our favorite liquor store to drink some high life’s (they are so delicious) and eat some jalapeno chips. It was all shaping up to be just another great night at peppers. Drew even commented “I drink at peppers more than any bar” and we all agreed that just might be the case!

Then the night took an ugly turn, the cops showed up. This has happened before without incident…..

The cops didn’t do anything on their way in to JJ Peppers to pick up some donuts, but on the way out one of the cops (he looked like the Seth Rogan Cop from Superbad) strolled over to us and said “are you guys drinking out here?” I thought to myself that’s a pretty stupid question i have a high life in my hand, but i resisted verbalizing this thought.
The other cop came over to back up his pudgy buddy. They then asked us “You guys know you cant drink outside? Right?” This was a hard question to answer, of course we know we cant do this, we are blatantly breaking the law, but you cant tell a cop that. Drew stepped up and starting apologizing. The next question from the cop really floored us, the cop asked “are you guys from out of state?” It was hard to not break out laughing. Did he think we rode in from wisconsin? indiana? i mean really what a dumb question. I again resisted my urge to say something stupid and let Jake, Dan and Drew apologize for us.
The Cop then asked us “do you think the owner wants you sitting outside his place of business drinking in the parking lot?” the answer was yes he does, they give us a 10% discount. but again we couldnt say anything. so we got on our bikes, the cop then decided to inform us “you know you can get a DUI on a bike!” This guys must have thought we were complete morons!
The moral of the story is that we got kicked out of the JJ Peppers Parking lot.
Lets hope we can drink High Life and eat chips in peace tonight!!!