10) Driving across state lines with Ken requires the ability to open four car windows quickly! It became the rating system, Ken only produces four window farts!!!!!!

9) Wheatfield’s breakfast is the breakfast of champions (http://www.wheatfieldsbakery.com/)

8) Dan Pollard can eat and he loves a good turkey leg

7) Kansas is not flat

6) Dehydration after a race allows for limited rest stops on the 9hr drive home (ride there 4 stops; ride home 2 stops)

5) People in Kansas are very nice; they will just start a conversation with you, its a bit weird but kind of cool too.

4) If you drive roughly 1200 miles you better pick up some podiums!

3) When you can not find 312… Free State Beer is a great substitute. (http://freestatebrewing.com/) We loved all the Free States Beers.

2) If you win a race it entitles you to the first ‘smile’ from Mystique… more to come at jj peppers…

1) The last man back to the hotel room wins the next day (night 1 zens stumbles in at 2:15, night 2 jake arrives around 3:15, both claim victory the following day)