Steelhead 2008… why??????

So I did my first 1/2 Ironman (Steelhead) but is it really a 1/2 Ironman since the swim was canceled due to rip tides. You can see the waves in the picture. The lifeguard boats couldn’t get into position as they were constantly pushed back to shore. The swim was replaced with a 2.1 mile run… which wasn’t bad, but could it contributed to my demise at the 10 mile run?

The bike portion wasn’t bad, course was mostly flat with no potholes and few turns, had a good overall speed for the 56 miles of +21 mph. I did notice the super triathletes on their super triathlon bike almost hitting me as they passed by, I realized what they were doing. As they approached, they would draft off me for just a moment, build a little more speed and sling shot ahead of me… BASTARDS!!!! The lower back was killing me from being sooooo aerodynamic. I passed people left and right… ok not so many on the right, except for the occasional idiot hogging the left side. Winds were pushing us back for most of the ride, at least 15mph in the face.

Remember those who I passed left and right on the bike… they passed me right and left on the run. The run portion was good till I hit the wall at mile 10, but I had to stop at mile 1 to pee and then realized I was in a race. I drank and drank and drank and yet ended up deyhrated.. temps were only mid 70’s. Hydration/food stations every mile, it really was a well coordinated event. The last 300 feet was in the sand… WTF?!?! in my mind the finish line was only 100 feet from the last turn.

At the finish line I stopped, couldn’t move forward since a few runners were having their timing chips removed… I swayed left… swayed right and one the volunteers walked over to ask how I felt… pause… pause… pause… “I’m ok”.

Honestly what helped me finish were the little kids reaching out for a high five… I couldn’t give up. Overall I’m happy with how I did, considering I’ve only done sprints and jumped to a 1/2 Ironman.
Next year, I have to do a real 70.3… but some place without the possibility of rip tides.

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  1. Bummer about the swim, but that’s awesome that you finished it and something I’ll never attempt – you plan to do this again??!! You are crazy! Nice job on the bike and I love the shirt you’re wearing in that pic! Nice job and congratulations!!

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