We opened Roscoe Village Bikes in March 2007 and were really happy when some roadies started meeting for group rides in front of the shop and bringing their bikes in for service.  We were even more thrilled when that Fall, those riders told us they would be forming a club and asked us if we would sponsor it.  They said the club would be called Spidermonkey.  Interesting name for a cycling club, but it’s not your typical club. 
What we like about sponsoring the Spidermonkeys is that the riders in the club are fast, serious cyclists and also truly good, sweet people.  The Spidermonkeys are competitive but not cut-throat.  They’re good sports.  Spidermonkeys are good coaches and cheerleaders in supporting new riders.  Spidermonkeys are charitable.  We loved sponsoring the MS ride and knowing there would be so many Spidermonkeys out there.  It was especially fun for us to host the packet pick-up for the ride.  Being nice, charitable, and enthusiastic about cycling are values that are important to us here at Roscoe Village Bikes so of all the clubs to sponsor, we feel Spidermonkey is a great fit for our shop. 
The first official meeting of the club took place here in October 2007.  Attendees included Dean, Vanessa, Matt Smith, Bryan Merrill, Nate Iden, Josh Green, Trent Williams, Jonathan Fairman, Ken Mitchell and more. It was around Halloween and there was a Spidermonkey pumpkin.  Now this may or may not be true, but let’s add to Spidermonkey lore that that the origins of the orange in the kit comes from that Halloween themed club meeting.
The Spidermonkey Pumpkin makes an appearance??

Over the years we’ve hosted several BBQ’s and pizza parties.  It’s been a lot of fun getting to know everyone and hanging out. Who can forget Ken Mitchell’s silent keg stands on a Sunday, summer evening.  As the club got larger, we’ve hosted less, but we always enjoy visits from Spidermonkeys, the Wednesday night ride leaving from our shop, having the sizing kits here and meeting new Spidermonkeys.

Silent Keg Stands??
Please stop in and say hi (but not next week since we’ll be closed Christmas through New Years).  Keep in mind official club members receive 10% off new bikes and 15% off parts and accessories.  Please introduce yourself as a Spidermonkey or show some spider bling since some of our staff may not have met you before.  We carry a wide range of bikes for kids, commuters, recreational riders and competitive cyclists.  We also have components like wheels, tires, tubes, shifters and pretty much and anything else a bike needs to roll.  We like fixing bikes and service turn-around times are shortest this time of year so if yours needs a little TLC, bring it by.
We’re happy to sponsor the club season after season.  It’s been a lot of fun and having a crowd of lyrca clad cyclists in front of the shop is good for the neighborhood.  As Dean said in his first Spidermonkey e-mail, “Keep the rubber side down.”
Lesley & Alex Tweedie and the Roscoe Village Bikes crew
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Lesley striking a pose!  Nice bike!

Alex tearing it up in CX!