Earlier I pointed out how boring and uninspired Team High Road’s 2008 kit was, well guess I was a bit to quick..
how do you go from this cool kit in 2007

to this in 2008


Well at least on the local scene there are a few really nice looking kits I look forward to seeing this year (aside from of course the Spidermonkey and Roscoe Village Bikes kits)..The new XXX Racing-AthletiCo kit.. a nice, simple, elegant black with white trim in tribute to their fallen teammates of last year. The new Half Acre Cycling with very smart, well placed nods to the Chicago city flag. And from reports the Burnham Racing/Vitaminwater-Trek kit will be pretty pimping!

I’ve even heard rumblings of some other really nice additions on the way. A thanks to all out there who are helping to make wearing spandex a little less painful.

As for you BMC, I think Assos is great stuff but THIS is the best design you all could come up with for shame.