Rain .. rain .. Bike to Work Rally!

Hey Everyone,

Great time riding with the 2 media personalities this morning .. weather was great, police escort was awesome, the blackhawks/blues brothers car with the blackhawk girls was pretty cool and the winner of the “race” was pretty cool too.

Pic from the United Center, before we got started .. free dunkin donuts coffee and assorted donuts, yum. Blackhawk cheerleader girls, yum.
Here’s some video of the group near the end of the route turning from Lake onto Clark (I think) – a little wobble in these videos, hope you don’t get sick ..

Here’s another video of the group entering Daley Plaza .. listen to what Dean has to say to Vanessa ..

Once the morning program wrapped up, it was pretty chill, did some yoga and then just before the beer started flowing, the rain started coming down, first a little, then in sheets. The bmx’ers stopped doing their backflips on the ramp and started doing some flat land tricks, but then they even called it quits. The brave souls that ventured out were treated to some free 312 and mini vienna beef hot dogs.

Here’s some pics .. Anna from Goose Island putting the vienna beef hot dog umbrella to good use.
Can karate chopping at the rain drops ..
Dean and Vanessa strolling in .. the rain.
Overall, good time, unfortunately it ended early, but they’re rescheduling the event for July 24th, the Friday before the Chicago crit.



  1. awesome pics buddy. thanks a lot!

  2. This is awesome John!

    Hey, I didn’t know you were taking video! I was composing myself for a still image!

    Damn, I’m soooo 20th century. My 2 seconds of fame wasted! wasted!!!!!!

  3. Yoga!? Nice. I guess shaking our fists at the sky didn’t help…if anything we pissed off the rain Gods.

  4. wow! – we totally need a spidermonkey calendar!! grrr…

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