North American Hand Made Bicycle Show


That’s right I said it. OK if you get sponsored by a team or work in a shop and get a carbon ride for free or next to that then by all means take it. Or you have shitloads of cash and really don’t mind a catastrophic failure enjoy.

With the start of the North American Hand Made Bicycle Show (NAHBS) I thought I would share some thoughts on frames.

I’ve seen a few interesting frames made of that high-end plastic but nothing that comes close to the beauty of a well crafted frame made of all things.. steel.

Shocking! Well, I’ll give you all a moment.

No people in some sterile room making these babies. No my friends bikes were not meant to be born in such a way. Ah handmade with the builders love, detail and sweat all the beauty. Each frame a little different but great and with a personality of it’s own. If you have the cash for big time carbon do yourself a favor and think about something handmade instead.

Ok now that you’ve snapped back here is some beautiful handmade bike porn to help you through the winter.


  1. my carbon fibre bike is handmade in the USA. so there!

  2. Touché Sir. Granted people ARE making handmade carbon bikes but I’m just a young/old dude who really loves my bikes made from metal.

  3. Yeah… what’s the deal… my next bike is gonna be carbon…. there aint no room for prejudice in spidermonkey cycling…. heck, my old Basso was aluminum from the mid 80’s (yes, I’m that old!!)

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