New year, New if!!

So you may have been hearing about the City Council’s proposed ordinance that is in theory going to make it a bit safer for all of us brave (or foolish) enough to ride our bikes around the pothole riddled streets of Chicago.

Motorists are looking at the city tapping them for anywhere between 150 to 500 bucks if found “endangering” cyclists. To me this sounds to good to be true. Why on my way back from running errands today I think the city could have made at least a couple grand from the goofy shit some motorists where pulling.
Granted it WAS rush hour so what was I to hope for but complete denial that I had any right to be riding.. a bicycle!? Why that’s just a toy right? You mean you can do other stuff on one of them thar things? Not just ride to CSSC volleyball (what do you mean sand will fuck up a bike)? Yes Virgina you sure can.
Granted I will admit I’ve also seen some cyclists doing some very stupid stuff as well. So no angry letters motorist.. OK?

Here’s hoping for some safe spring/summer riding this upcoming season.
Oh and Mr. Daley can you PLEASE patch up the potholes, pretty please with sport peppers on top.


  1. what’s the story behind the pictures?

  2. So this all took place in one of my fav cities Toronto.

    Here’s a link for more info..

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