Monday Hate..because just one day of hate a week ain’t enough

It’s seems to finally be summer which means lots of movies with very thin plots where shit blows up (I believe a car or someones bowels blow up during the Sex In The City movie) sudden 90 degree temps and a bike path that is now more deadly than many of Chicago’s streets.

Between the death trap four seat bikes, those who feel the need to push a baby stroller across all the lanes without looking, joggers turning around on a dime without looking and wanna-be triathletes riding shit-box bikes at 70mph (good luck with that) all roads are leading away from the lakefront.

I even spotted a deer yes really a deer just north of Foster just off the path.


  1. oh i couldn’t agree more. i had a recovery ride yesterday and i took the LFP for about fifteen minutes before i lost my wits and decided i’d rather deal with traffic than that clusterfsuck.

  2. I give credit to the brave aka suicidal cyclists on that bike path… reminds me of when another cyclist crossed over to my side, hit me head on, flipped in the air… and my back wheel was now a pretzel (damn, no beer) and kinked top/down tubes

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