What do you get when you mix water with kool-aid mix? Kool-Aid, duh.

What do you get when you mix 40 mph gusts with open farm roads and packed gravel? The Leland Kermesse Race Report.

Mike Shea and Cali-John road the 4s and all of its 40 mile windy-mess. Shea earns the ‘He’s such a nice a guy award’ for his actions after an unfortunate event involving bumping, crossed wheels and asphalt. After a fellow rider kissed the pavement and didn’t get to his feet as the group rode away… Shea flipped a 180 and rode the rider back to his senses…. Sportsmanship, enough said.

Dave, Bryan, and Andy represented the new comment grabbing kits well for the Flemish-style 30 mile wind-fest. The mile stretch of packed gravel was brutal EVERY TIME (3 times for the 5s, 4 for the 4s) as flashbacks of George Hincapie’s latest mishaps were added to 25 mph headwinds…

At the end of the day, we kept the rubber side down and enjoyed some beers afterwards as we mumbled to ourselves about how much fun it actually kinda was…

Shake n Bake!

Thanks for the report, Bryan!