Iowa is Awful

BFL (That is botom fucking line for those not in touch with the younger generation) Iowa was a complete debacle of pain, missed opportunities, and rookie like mistakes, even though I looked so pro with my new wheel set. (thanks alex). I might be putting them up for auction because with a performance like I put on this weekend, I do not deserve and honestly do not feel right riding around on such a sweet set up. So here is how it all broke down.

Snake Alley: No you don’t Danny

It is what they all say it is and more. Do I look like I am having fun. I do not even know where to start with this beast. I was nervous from the time Nick (BR) and I left the city. First look at the course did not help the situation. Once on the bike and a warm up lap up the snake, things started to feel better. I was a lot more confident and did not think it would be that bad. That was the beginning of the end. Started on the front row, and immediately did everything I set out to do wrong. (common theme for the weekend). Slipped a pedal on the start, bad, did not get out front on the first corner, bad, got stuck in the middle of a mess heading up the 1st lap of the snake, bad, did not bomb the downhill to make up for the error, bad. Heading into the snake for the second lap, I look up to see Peter from XXX going ape shit off the front and leading the pack up the bricks. At that point I was just looking to hang on for a few laps in hopes that the field would slow and I could begin to make up some spots. 6 laps in and I am dying but still hanging on. Nick is in sight and I am starting to feel better, 2 more laps and things no longer look so good. Brian another xxx tries to bring me along with him on his move but I have nothing, and at this point I was just trying to finish, which I did (20th). At least I got that going for me considering that only 27 of the starting 60 did that. Peter finished 5th, Brian 9th and Nick 12th. Average heart rate, 184!!! Lesson for the race, learn how to ride downhill at high speed.

Mellon City: Bring out the RVB

Had no motivation in the morning, and seriously was not looking forward to racing. Good course that suited me well. Slight up hill into a 90 degree turn, long downhill with speeds up to 40, speed bump at the bottom, with a nice climb into a hairpin corner before a 150 meter downhill to the finish. The race was going to be won be the guy who got the hairpin at the top of the hill first. Game plan, be in the middle to front of the pack on the outside at the bottom of the hill, then attack. Sported the RVB kit and the new wheels. Race started and I felt really sluggish. Almost got dropped. Not a good way to start a relationship with Zipp. It took a good 5 laps or so to feel comfortable and get the legs back. Finally worked my way into good position heading into the final lap. Then a rider from Purdue went down in front of me, then 2 more riders went down into the first corner, chased to get back in, but got stuck inside coming down the hill. Not where I want to be and got plugged coming up the hill. Nothing I could do at this point and came in 11th. Nick from BR had another strong finish and took his first podium with 3rd.

Quad Cities: If the Queen had balls she’d be king.

This course was awesome. Eight corners, one long back stretch, real nice pavement and fast. I was excited to race. Nick and I both had front row positions again and were looking to stay in the top 10 all race. Well that all got blown to bits when I missed clipped not once, not twice but three times on the start, idiot!!!!. That in itself deserves me getting rid of the wheels. Maybe I should go back to toe clips. It took me all race to work my way back to a good position which again I had heading into the final lap. I was 1 wheel back from Nick when the pack surged and I was again pinned. Heading down the back stretch, I was able to get outside but had a bad line into the corner, it was either bomb the corner and come out in 4th with the possibility of taking half the field out or let up and roll thru in 10th or 12th. I chose the safer route and came in 11th. Nick kept his weekend rolling with a great move down the back stretch and held on for the win. Awesome to see him bring home his first win in a race like that. You are the man Ira!!!

The weekend of racing was awesome, and it is clear that I have to work on my tactics, mind frame, execution and growing some balls. Iowa needs an upgrade. Nothing but strip malls, fast food, dump hotels, and these really annoying bugs. I ate like shit, slept like shit, and raced like shit. The Iowa experience was a C+ largely because they do have 32oz cans of the High Life…….

Redemption in Winfield is all I got….


  1. mistakes suck, but at least you’re recognizing them as such. one of the better ways to learn.

    and i’ll give your wheels a good home. i’m always adopting.

  2. your report is so well-written I feel like I was there!

    nothing fuels victories quite like missed opportunities and harshly-learned mistakes. trust me, I know!

  3. I agree. F-Iowa.

  4. Ha. I was just coming here to see if you saw that photo…

    Don’t sweat the Snake, man…for a first effort? Finishing that shit is a victory. Dewey got his first victory in 21 years of racing that thing. The race is definitely won on the descent and that line ain’t easy to learn while you’re trying not to puke.

    And that’s Peter for you…he’s a crazy f*** who will follow any line, anywhere. The rest of us just try not to kill ourselves and we catch up eventually.

  5. 20th out of 60? Good. Bike still in one piece? Good. Nate still in one piece? Good. Finishing all races? Awesome. 32 oz cans of High Life? Excellent.

    Nice job Nate – you rock!

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