Half Acre Tuesday Night Women’s Cat4 Race

What a great course for beginners like me! Big loop, not technical, windy, and lots of girly fun.

Started off at a nice, chatty pace where I got to know the girls. We talked a lot about shopping, nails, and hair, but I mostly hung in the back without a ton to contribute. A few times, when talking about hair of course, I tried to participate, getting in the front and fighting the wind. There were disagreements of course (which team has the best colors, etc…) and every time, one of the girl’s got pissed and tried to ride away from us. The rest of us would feel bad and ultimately chase after her to calm her down. Sometimes girl’s cause so much unnecessary work!

With two laps to go, I started feeling really anxious because they started talking nails. I hate doing nails, it’s a pain in my ass. On the last lap, after the first stretch of wind, I was annoyed enough that I got in the front. I just wanted to get away from all this nail talk! I kept going faster and got in my drops. Rounding the last corner, I almost biffed on the curb (took it too wide), but thankfully came round up-right and in the lead. I had no idea where the girls were, couldn’t hear them anymore so started to calm down. Too soon. At the finish line, I was out-sprinted. Boo! O well, at least I got a cool pair of socks!

My favorite part of the whole thing was the spidermonkey cheering section – you guys ROCK!!! It was so much fun to have the best cheering section encouraging me! It definitely helped me keep the lead around that last corner. Next time, I’ll hold it. That’s tomorrow…


  1. great write up V!

  2. wait a minute- are you serious? is this really what women roadies talk about? woah.

  3. lol, makes you want to race now to find out, doesn’t it?? ;)

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