by Hayes Sanborn

The race of truth where small decisions become large decisions. The time trial is my trump card, I’ve focused most of my cycling training over the last few years here. Its an event where you need to be comfortable being uncomfortable as your sitting at or just below your redline. I’ve spent time with Ken and Adam over the years dialing in my fit, I spend hours and hours researching small equipment choices that save fraction of watts from tire selection, latex tubes, and quick release position I know what is fast. All these little savings you laugh at, add up.

I arrived about 75mins early to check in only to discover I didn’t need to check in, so off I went to check out the course, I road an easy lap to get a feel for the rollers and then ran a hot lap to make sure I would have the gearing dialed in to maintain speed over the crest of the various hills. With my scouting done, I hit the trainer for 20mins to keep the engine hot. At the last min, I wanted to switch to my long sleeve skin suit, but since I pinned my number from the inside I decided to stay with short sleeves. I didn’t want to fuss with it and get frustrated.

Lining up, by number, we had a few people miss their start times as there was some confusion where to start. My 0:30 man was a no show, so my carrot would be a min up the road and the man behind me would also be a min behind. Got to the start line, clipped in, took a deep breath, and off I went. I just had a few mental cues during my ride; Turtle the head, roll the shoulders, and bury your head and smash watts. I had a few minor hiccups where I didn’t maintain my momentum as I hoped and had to fight the machine a little, but overall I was pleased. The uphill sprint to finish the TT was so painful but so much fun, it always feels great to empty the tank.

The results!
 Hayes Sanborn, Cat 5 Time Trial, 7:52 (28.16mph) 2nd Place