2019 USA Cycling Midwest Regional Cyclocross
Championship /CCC Series Finale

presented by 46th Ward Ald. James Cappleman

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Spidermonkey Cycling is proud to host the 2019 USA Cycling Midwest Regional Cyclocross Championship at Montrose Beach on Chicago’s lakefront, which also serves as the Chicago Cyclocross Cup Series Finale.

There will be food trucks throughout the day, entertainment during the elite races, and fun had by all!

VIP parking is available for a donation via the merchandise section of the BikeReg web page.

Download the race flyer or visit the Chicago Cyclocross Cup web site for additional details.

Specific details for the day:

Equipment drop-off on Sunday will ONLY be allowed before the turn-around on the south-end of Simonds Drive near the staging grid, and the driver must remain with the vehicle to expedite unloading and keep traffic moving. Please coordinate with your teammates, as the morning gets busy fast.

Team tents can go in many of the traditional areas, and with the start/finish change you are welcome to line the finish stretch, but only on the WEST (grass) side. No tents on the roadway. Also, please keep the area behind (east) of the sponsor/reg tents open as well, for podium, et al. (red area).

Teams are welcome to drop/place tents and other large items on Saturday afternoon. There is hired security for overnight watch (though of course SMC, et al. cannot take responsibility for what the weather/acts of gods could do to items left overnight, so make sure it’s secured/tied down).

And hey, stick around to lend a helping hand with course setup!

Finally, we understand the desire to pre-ride, especially with so many CCC’ers living nearby. However, we kindly request you DO NOT RIDE the course this week, especially on Saturday, to enable course construction AND to keep it in nice condition for game day. Again, drop the bike and pick up some course stakes and tape to help — it takes a village!

Thanks to the sponsors of the event:

Food Trucks