As the leaves continue to turn and the ride to HP starts to resemble that of a Fall Classic, don’t be warded off from a ride just because of the weather. Don’t forget that Euro Pros attack in weather that makes this morning’s forecast seem like a Family vacation at Myrtle Beach. In an effort to honor the Euro Pros, Andy and I paid om age in subtle ways this morning on our two man time trial to HP.

We decided to do the ride without fenders because sectors on Paris-Roubaix would frown upon not embracing the wetness. My ‘No wet bum’ policy was certainly out the window. Saddles bags were definitely out the door. Carrying your flat kit in a bag in your back pocket is so Euro, saddle bags are for domestics. The first bottle was filled with Malto and the second with Green. Shots of espresso before the ride and Pelligrino at the half-way break.

The weather, albeit wet, dark and dreary…was surprisingly tolerable. Making sure your kit still matches in inclimate conditions is very Euro. Clashing gloves would be laughed at the 300th km at San Remo. Today, paying respects to Euros even stretched to us mumbling Flemish as cars passed in what we considered to be ‘espaxio ou contento‘.

Next time the weather turns bad, just remember the Euro Pros and throw your leg over the top tube and GO RIDE!!