Don’t try this at’s all in your head(set)

A little bit of knowledge can be a bad thing. Just because you have worked
at a shop part time doesn’t mean you always know what the hell you’re doing.
There is also a reason why good bike shops exist. And a reason why if you DON’T have full and I mean full bike shop setup in your home you need to go to said good bike shop.
So while building my newest bike for the upcoming season I made a bit
of an error and fucked up the installation of the integrated headset (Another reason I prefer Chris King but I’ll save that for another day) By the way doing so will make you bike handle like a car that has no power steering. You also get the added bonus of the machine pulling from side to side.

Going out this morning, ready to ride and finding out.. holy shit something is very wrong here. Mind you I was also someone who made a big stink about people getting out and riding. Now
here I was about to be late to the team ride, argh.

Lucky for me a few things went right. My place was close enough that I was able to crawl back home, tail between legs, get my trusted bike and meet the group up north.
But here’s where have a cool bike shop comes in handy. Alex at Roscoe Village Bikes (one of our sponsors..hoorah!) was able to after checking a few other things fix and have the new ride running perfectly. Many thanks to him and thanks to Lesley for ordering up some goodies
for my bike.

I think all of this is also tribute to a long winter and just being bored. Next time I’ll save the excitement of building my bike for a shop.

Oh yeah I also got a flat on the way back. All the guys made fun of me (for this and the earlier problem) but that’s because they’re dicks but I still like them anyway.

P.S. An acknowledgement to Leigh Valletti for part of the post’s title.


  1. this blog shouldn’t go without a comment, there is nothing to say though. everything is very well said…thanks to ken

  2. Ken – I think you know how I feel about all this: you’re an IDIOT!

  3. Oh Matt, it appears someone needs his juice box.

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