Ah yes, so it’s a few days of mixed emotion as I hear the Cipo is leaving
cycling (again) but that Slipstream has gotten a spot at the Tour DAY France.

I must say I think Mr. Cipollini has seen the hand writing on the wall.. Rock Racing is on some fairly shaky if not completely insane ground.

I don’t think I would last to long with Michael Ball as my boss either. The sad part is that Cipo showed he still has some life in his now 41 year old legs. Well enough to get a 3rd place against Tom Boonen. My hopes of seeing a racing idol at Downers Grove dashed like so many Cubs playoff game leads.

And with Rock Racing not even getting a bid to the Tour of Georgia (it’s the American south I refuse to use “de”) times can’t be that great for Mr. Ball’s experiment. Oh well
maybe he can continue to blame everyone around him for his team’s failures.

The opposite of all this seams to be one Jonathan Vaughters. Always the bearer of bad luck at the Tour De France as a rider
he now will be able to lead his team Slipstream to their first Grand Départ.

I don’t really get that jazzed over U.S. teams at the Tour. Sure it’s nice but it’s never done that much for me. I think Team 7-11 was the exception. Gee they were so sad in the beginning how could you not root for them. Like a 16 seed against the 1 seed in the Tourney. And I’ve always liked Lemond who just happened to be that American dude racing with them European boys.

But I have to say I like this group of guys called Slipstream. Maybe it’s the funny facial hair or more likely the fact that I really like guys like Dave Zabriskie in the peloton. Or that I have always been a David Millar fan, yes even after the doping scandal.

I don’t know, all I can say is I wish them well at the Tour and hope to maybe see Mario race one more time. Hey Cipo how about coming to Chicago for our brand new fancy downtown crit? Come on plenty of shopping for you on Michigan Avenue after the race. I’ll even take you out for dinner afterward, no really I will.