Why did they have to change the superweek course n Bensenville??? Last years course was kick ass, and it was right in the village next to the greatest deli in the chicagoland area, Mario’s. The new course was not bad except for the rain gutters that were in turns 1 and 3 going out and coming into the park. To be honest, when I got there, I had not motivation what so ever. I have been exhausted from working 16 plus hours days, and my body was feeling it. The field was extremely small again 17. Showed up with Ken, and Alex was already there warming up. Race started AGAIN about an hour late. What the fuck is the problem getting these things started on time??? Pace was really slow 20 – 23 mph only, and there did not seem to be any motivation by the field to make it faster. I focused on staying in the top 5 and took a couple of pulls here and there, but was not looking to put in any effort if the field was not going to keep it up. Race got a little strung out with 2 to go when xxx sent 2 up front, but other then that it came down to position in corner 3 and a field sprint. I came thru 3 in 3rd, and was set up perfectly for the sprint, but then I let my game plan go to waste. I wanted to come off the wheel to the left and sprint, but I kept drifting right, and thought I had a line on the inside, but the rider from SCW slid back over toward the fencing and I had no choice to let up. He took the sprint by a inches if that. Alex came in 5th. As we crossed the line, the rider that finished 3rd somehow drifted into the fencing on the right and was involved in awful crash. He was taken to the hospital, but from what I hear, he is doing better and is expected to be home by Friday. See the video above. The SpiderMonkeys seem to be making a name for themselves during superweek. Here are the finishes so far. Blue Island: Mike: 5th Cat4/5 Nate: 1st Cat4 Alex: 3rd Cat4 Nate: 4th Masters 4/5 Olympia Fields: Nate: 3rd Cat4 Alex: 5th Cat4 Ken: 22nd Cat4 Richon Park: Alex: 2nd Cat4 Bensenville #1 Nate: 2nd Cat4 Alex: 5th Cat4 Bensenville #2 Mike: 5th Cat4/5 Alex: 2nd Cat4 Keep up the good work. Next up Evanston