2013 Spidermonkey Cycling

2013 Spidermonkey Cycling

Spidermonkey Cycling is a cycling club based out of Chicago, Illinois. Spidermonkey formed after the closure of a local Chicago bike shop and cycling hub. Four riders, Dean, Nate, Matt and Vanessa, were left pondering whom to ride with. The foursome wanted a tight group where riders would not get lost in the pack, and also a group that emphasized completion as much as competition.

Spidermonkeys ride at least two charity rides a year as well as compete in many Chicago land criteriums, road-races and triathlons. Spidermonkey Cycling also prides itself in participating in many other bike related activities.
Unlike many area clubs, we have members that are serious about racing and uninterested in racing.

So, where did that name come from? Legend has it, Dean and a few others were out on a ride when Nate came racing up from behind announcing, “I’m comin’ atcha like a spindermonkey!” Lo and behold the lightbulbs came on and the group found their name and mantra.

Hopefully we are painting a picture for those who are already members of Spidermonkey Cycling that we are in the right place and for those who are peering in from the outside that they are welcome to join and in the end, we have more people on more bikes more of the time!

Keep a look out for our bright orange kits at an event near you. Drop us a line if you want to learn more.