I’m not the worlds greatest writer but hopefully contributing to this will help. Your patience is appreciated.

So here we are from sitting around a table after the Evanston leg of Superweek (this is how I first remember things anyway) to a just about fully fleshed out club.
A thanks to those, ALL of those who had some hand in this experiment.
Thank you to every year one sponsor. Your backing helps makes this possible.
So I really hope that this club will turn out to be something special with no bullshit.
It would be nice to be part of a group that can really support one another. From those of us that will be racing to those hoping to be crazy enough to want to race someday. Or for those just wanting to have fun while staying fit.
I also hope that a true love and deep appreciation for the history of the sport will develop for anyone joining who is completely new to cycling. An appreciation that is deeper than one said man who’s name I will not mention (you know of whom I speak). Yes from Major Tayor in 1899 to Coppi, Anquetil, Merckx, Lemond, Hampsten, Kelly, Binda, Moser, Hinault, Jeannie Longo..blah, blah, blah you get the idea. Hey I’ve loved this thing since watching my first Tour (albeit via TV) at about age 9. I always hoped to be pro as a little kid but hay I’m lazy and like beer.
The two things that make me most happy are music and cycling. When I combine the two even better. It’s all about going out on a morning ride with a group, a peaceful ride alone or the pain, hassle, fun and sometimes even excitement that is racing. With these first steps taken we hope to add something of worth to the cycling community of Chicago. So if you see one of us in our cool new kits.. wave hello, ask questions but most importantly GET ON YOUR BIKES and just ride. Your body (and mind) will thank you later.