A Huge thank You

I wanted to take the opportunity this morning to thank everyone who came out and supported the Spidermonkey’ yesterday at the Chicago Crit. You guys are truly the best cheering section in Chicago Bike Racing (ask Andy Daley what it is like to have the spidermonkeys cheering for you in a race)

Special thanks:
Dean and Vanessa: Thanks for setting up the Spidermonkey team area, it made us look official. Thanks for getting on stage and predicting me as a possible winner that was awesome!
My parents and The Witry family: Thanks for making the trek from milwaukee to cheer for the spidermonkeys!
Goose Island and 312: Thanks for the VIP area access, it made the pro race a lot of fun!
The spidermonkey team: awesome support yesterday!
All the other friends and family who came out to cheer us on, thank you!

I will have a race report up on the race tomorrow but I wanted to mention that racing in the 5’s with Bryan, Todd, Castro, Josh, Tristan and Trent was a lot of fun. Yesterday’s team effort was a thing of beauty and I was proud to be a part of it. We controlled the entire race and had a blast while doing it, everyone should be proud of their performance yesterday.

Highlight of yesterday: While hanging out in the goose island area by the start finish the team decided to show the newest secret spidermonkey (andy daley) some support during the pro race. Our support was so loud that the couple standing next to me asked me “Who is Andy Daley?”. I replied,“Well, we drink with him on wedensdays in a liquor store parking lot, so we decided to come cheer him on.”
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  1. Thanks! We LOVE watching and cheering all the Spidermonkey’s on…you all make it so much fun!! Keep up the great work all you rockstars!

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