This year’s edition of the Bike MS Tour de Farms was comprised of smooth roads, sunny skies, low wind and smooth-as-butter-paceline of 50 plus Spidermonkeys!  We had a great time riding fast, goofing off, drinking some Goose Island 312 and raising over $30K for the National MS Society!

Don’t believe it?  Check out some of the vids and pics:

Day 1 – 50 plus Spidermonkeys!

Going down the line …

Rolling along …

The right way to drink Goose Island 312!

Paulson Family Farm and 50 plus Spidermonkeys

Day 2!



Let’s go!

2 days of pure awesomeness … Spidermonkeys love the Bike MS Tour de Farms! Thanks go out to all the other teams, all the great volunteers, all the National MS Society organizers (that’s you Elle!), Damien of Lakeshore Bike for helping us out, etc, etc, and the list goes on!  It was great!

Oh and thanks to Jack Cahillane, Dean Okun, Aaron Byrnes for the pics and vids!  There’s too many to post .. sorry!