We have joined the movement!  Spidermonkey Cycling has another amazing sponsor for 2011. The National MS Society is a collective of passionate individuals who want to do something about MS Now.  Together, we can change the future and bring an end to multiple sclerosis. Look for us participating again in the Bike MS: Tour de Farms June 25-26, 2011.  This past summer we rode and then poured beer for Goose Island (an MS Sponsor) at the event and we raised over $6000 for MS!!!!

Spidermonkeys love Cross!  14 Spidermonkeys raced at Jackson Park.  That’s a record for Spidermonkey Cycling! Thanks to XXX Racing for hosting the official season opener.  Twinkie handups were back…but Diffenderfer deer jerkey tastes yummy too.  The Get-a-Grip tent was home to the heckling monkeys. “Run, jump, run!” “My grandma rides faster than you!” “What are you doing?” (yelled at Jen from VQ…her response was “I don’t know!”) were some of the hekles heard. Congrats to Monica, Kristi, Grace, Lil Vanessa, Katie on an amazing day.  Great fun watching Geoff Scott, Ken, Drew and Chippy (my junk got caught between my back wheel and the brakes), Dan, Castro, Zens and Bryan Witry .  Look for even more monkeys giving cross racing a try next week.
 The Spidermonkey womens ride wrapped up the season this morning.  Another record breaking season for this wonderful part of spidermonkey cycling.  Don’t fret, there will be several women only events during the off season to keep the momentum going.  In fact the first event is on Oct. 7th at Get-a-Grip Fit Studio.  7-9:30pm. All women are invited to a QnA with Cat 1 racer and Mother of 2, Kristen Meshberg.  Even if you don’t plan on racing in 2011, this is a great way to meet some of the women involved in Spidermonkey Cycling and Chicago cycling. In an effort to keep things equal…Drew sent the following email:
For the gentlemen who feel neglected by all the women only stuff, we are going to have a martinis and manicures night.  This is an effort so that we will look better and the women may actually want to invite us to events.
Drew “I only send important emails” Kushnick
P.S.- When I said martinis, I meant beer.
P.P.S- When I said manicures, I meant football.
Spidermonkey of the week: Brianna Martinez  
How I became a Spidermonkey!
Well I moved to Chicago to go to school in August 2008 and joined the UIC Cycling and Triathlon Club. Alex, Can, and Steve had told me about this group called the “Spidermonkey’s”, what a sweet name, who met in Roscoe Village to ride.   I was intimidated not only to ride with a whole new group of people but to ride my bike in Chicago! Coming from a very small town of Lena, Illinois where I could walk out my front door and go ride my bike for miles and miles with barely any site of cars, Chicago was scary with all that traffic! I stayed intimidated for a few weeks  but I was itching to ride with people.  The boys  finally talked me into going and met with me at UIC to go ride with the Spidermonkey’s for the first time! After arriving and seeing about ten people waiting to ride I was super excited to finally have some people to ride with! So my first ride was pretty scary learning to watch for doors, potholes, paceline etc… But everyone was so friendly and helpful! And the ride was AWESOME! I think I smiled the whole time and thought to myself “what an awesome group of people and ride”.  Who could want more than getting a good workout and having a great time!! Dean and Vanessa really stuck out to me by constantly encouraging me and helping me feel so welcome! Saturday morning rides was something I looked forward to and now the Tuesday morning girls rides as well. ! So the rest is history! I of course kept going back for more rides because this group of people were so much fun to be around and the ride was always a challenge! At the end of year bash at Roscoe Village I was sold on joining this awesome bike club and have been a member since.   I have met and ridden with so many awesome people in the club! The Spidermonkey team has not only served as a great training ride, but also as a way for me to make so many new friends!  You all rock! And don’t forget to “ROLL OUT”.