Despite the crappy weather, we were busy riding our bikes all over Chicago!

Wednesday night Goose Island Dock Party: Goose Island Brewery +Spidermonkey’s = insane amounts of fun! Thanks Goose Island, you really know how to throw a great party and we had a great time!
Wednesday night ride: After seeing red on the radar to the North, the four of us decided to alter the plans and head south on the Lakefront Trail. Excellent idea! We stayed dry and had a nice ride along Chicago’s lakefront. On our way back home, we knew some serious weather was coming. Unfortunately, we couldn’t make it to cover in time and a few of us were hung out in the rain and hail. This Wednesday we will extend the route up to Highland Park.
Friday Girl’s Bonus Ride! 7 of us showed up and had a blast enjoying the warm weather which was in the 70’s! Hardly seems real now!
Saturday Ride: Despite the crappy forecast, a bunch of the monkey’s showed up and rode up to HP and back. Luckily, they missed all the bad weather!
What a windy and cold day! Congratulations to Spidermonkey’s who raced – Tim, Peter Monko, Brandon, and Lil V! Special congratulations to newest Spidermonkey Derick who came out to race his first criterium and finished strong. The boy’s at Get a Grip rock! Thanks for coming out to the race and helping out.
Congratulations again to all Spidermonkey’s who raced! Thanks to Rob Curtis of Psimet to resurrect this race. It is one of the most unique criteriums around, very similar to Snake Alley. After the race Brandon stopped to thank Rob for sponsoring the race saying, “I’m pretty sure this is the closest I’ve ever been to puking during a race.” His reply “Then you did it right.”
Tuesday morning girl’s ride: Super cold morning but that didn’t stop 9 of us from showing up. Even if you show up late, it’s ok, we’re glad you made it Liz! :) And congrats to Stewart for making it out on her first girl ride of the season!
Coming up this week:
Ride of Silence on May 18th
Good weather (we hope)!!
Spidermonkey of the week: Kristi Hanson