Week Wrap Up (10/11 – 10/18)

Another amazing Saturday ride!  We keep getting lucky with great weather and a great turnout.  17 monkeys made their way up to Highland Park for muffins and enjoyed the autumn colors. Overheard: “I thought about sleeping in this morning, but realized there is always time to sleep.  This was a great day!” said Joe Hausfeld while enjoying his after ride Budacki’s hot dog.

Let the heckling begin!  Bikes, Spidermonkeys and Oktoberfest share the day in Carpentersville. Trent, Kim, Vanessa and Dean took the trip to watch some of the spidermonkeys race cross. They spent a lot of time watching from the beer tent while listening to Jack Ness playing German polkas and waltzes on his accordion…and eating Chubby Spuds!  Twinkie handups made an appearance!  Congrats to Ken, Geoff, Monica, Lil V and Kristi on a great day of racing.  A huge congrats to Spidermonkey Bryan Witry for reaching the podium at the Psycho Cross race on Saturday!  He looks like an old pro on the top step.  Great times were had by all the Spidermonkey’s racing cross this weekend. 
I thought this running thing was just a fad…but it seems to be catching on. Trent, John Castro, Rob, Joe, Vanessa, Katie, Grace, Kristi and Dean all ran the Universal Sole Burgers and Beer fun run.  Only one more left, come join us on Nov. 15th at 6:30 from our  new sponsor Universal Sole. The final B&B Fun Run will include a raffle with incredible prizes.  Don’t miss out on this great opportunity.  
Next Week:
Wildcat Alley: Sat. Oct. 23rd. Northwestern vs. Michigan State.  Come pour beer and go to the game
Cross race: Sun. Oct. 24th Sunrise Park…come race, heckle or both
Spidermonkey of the week: Katie Iserman
This past summer was my 7th year doing triathlons but I didn’t really start riding until 3 years ago when I decided to do a half ironman and thought maybe I should start biking and not just run.  The fall after my first 1/2 ironman I believe is when Chip introduced me to Vanessa and Dean at some cycling related social.  They invited Chip and I to the Saturday Spidermonkey ride but I kept blowing the rides off because I wanted to run instead.  I finally went on a ride in the spring of 2009.  That spring Vanessa started the girls rides and I was more than happy to join.  That is also when I started racing in crits. I got dropped in every race and wasn’t sure if I wanted to keep racing. On Tuesday mornings Vanessa would talk about how much fun the Wednesday night rides were so near the end of last summer I would go and hang on as long as I could.  That fall I did cross and that is when I fell in love with racing my bike!  I had so much fun in cross that it gave me the drive to train on my bike in the winter for the first time.  I joined the Spidermonkeys at VQ and had a blast!  I told myself if I train hard all winter I will be faster next summer on the road which will lead to being faster at cross.  This summer I found that I also enjoyed racing on the road!  I didn’t go on too many weekend rides since I was racing so much but I did the Tuesday mornings Spidermonkey Ladies ride and Wednesday nights that ended at JJ Peppers and even kept up the whole time once in awhile.  I had so much fun this summer on Spidermonkey rides!  After the first cross race this fall I remembered why I fell in love with racing my bike!  Next summer I plan on doing a few more weekend Spidermonkey rides and few less races!

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  1. So true, there is always time to sleep and not always the chance to enjoy a beautiful morning!! My favourite time of the day.

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