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ABR Team Time Trial


by Lauren Wissman

So, thanks to my sponsor Sarah Rice Inc. and my awesomely reckless + badass teammates, I’ve had the opportunity to scare myself shitless multiple times this season (without knowing it at the time). The ABR TTT was no exception.

I don’t want to say I’m grateful for Sarah’s hand injury, because that sounds (and is) mean, but having the opportunity to ride with Daphne Karagianis, Stacy Appelwick, and KMesh was a huge deal to me; easily the highlight of my season. Sarah had talked to me about subbing in for her when I picked up Wallace last week; which I thought was loco (Sarah Rice does not have subs). Then she started name dropping the rest of the team…you’d be nervous too. Anyway, I saw Kristen at the track the Thursday before and she asked if I wanted in. So that’s that, on for a 40-70km TTT on Sunday.

Daphne texted me Saturday, “I’ll get you at 5:30a so we can make Kristen’s by 6:15! Get some rest and eat some pasta tonight!” Naturally, if you read my ToAD race report, you know that I way over-prepare ;) My itinerary: German fest Friday night, 6:30a Sat. departure for Patriot CX, Women’s 4s race w/ mud pit, sand v-ball court, swirly-whirlies (ask Lindsey), barriers, hop-a-logs, you name it, a legitimate hand-up session which may have been more tiring than the actual race, a Taco-Bell Mexican pizza for dinner (yes, I chose this night out of the past 7 years to eat taco-bell), got back around 8ish, got to Sarah’s around 9 to pick up Billy the TT ride, got him ready to go, went for a test-ride (always test ride a bike that feels unusual to you at night on a street with multiple and frequent bus routes), went home, killed 2 hours for no reason, went to bed ~1am. Pasta and sleep…2 for 2;)

Sunday: all went as planned getting to Kankakee. I met Stacy and Chris, our fourth team member (national champion on the track) and coach for the day, who were extremely helpful and friendly. We talked about how to pull and for how long, echeloning, starting out easy to save for the cross-eyed sprint at the end, rotating pulls through corners, what order to tackle the hill, what order to start in, etc. I didn’t know what kind of time-trialist I was and neither did they. The uncertainty was what made me nervous.

We suited up and went for a warm-up. List of things I borrowed for the day:
1. Full TT bike (Ridley Cheetah w/ Psimet tubulars)
2. Aero helmet
3. Garner jersey (Kristen + Stacy’s track team)
4. Sarah’s Sidi shoes
5. Sarah’s road Pedals
6. Sarah’s confidence

Really, the only things I was wearing that were mine were my socks (extra cushy since the shoes were a little big), sports bra, shorts with a built in pocket, and contacts. If Sarah and I had been the same prescription, I would have borrowed her Oakley’s too.

I was glad for our warm-up because I got some of the pre-ache out my legs. We basically were going the speed we were planning to go during the race, which I was happy to learn upon returning to the start. It also gave me some much-needed practice on aero bars, which I still felt fidgety on. I was as prepared as I could be, so when we all rolled up to the start, the ‘just flippin’ do it’ mentality kicked in and the relaxation followed. The race tactics and advice I’d received came easily with a clear head. All I had to focus on was making solid pulls and enjoying the ride. I don’t remember much of the race except getting to go fast…and the little off-roading adventure I had on the first and only corner I pulled in. Fact: you don’t have the best turn radius on aero bars, which I realized while tearing through the gravel shoulder of the road into some nice homeowner’s front lawn. I played it off like it was on purpose and swung back onto the road to finish my pull. Glad to have some cross under my belt:)

Bottom line: most fun ride to date.

We took a spin after and then came back to hear the results. We were just over an hour (1:01:58) for around 26 miles I think. Kristen wanted under 60 min so we’ll just have to try again next year; if Sarah is busy on her fat bike I might have a spot;) I’m confident we could shave off a few minutes.

If riding with fast ladies in Lycra and sperm helmets doesn’t make you feel empowered then I don’t know what would. I’m honored to have gotten the chance to ride with such strong, awesome, encouraging women. Thanks Kristen and Sarah for lighting the TT fire.

Galena Time Trial Report

by Hayes Sanborn

The race of truth where small decisions become large decisions. The time trial is my trump card, I’ve focused most of my cycling training over the last few years here. Its an event where you need to be comfortable being uncomfortable as your sitting at or just below your redline. I’ve spent time with Ken and Adam over the years dialing in my fit, I spend hours and hours researching small equipment choices that save fraction of watts from tire selection, latex tubes, and quick release position I know what is fast. All these little savings you laugh at, add up.

I arrived about 75mins early to check in only to discover I didn’t need to check in, so off I went to check out the course, I road an easy lap to get a feel for the rollers and then ran a hot lap to make sure I would have the gearing dialed in to maintain speed over the crest of the various hills. With my scouting done, I hit the trainer for 20mins to keep the engine hot. At the last min, I wanted to switch to my long sleeve skin suit, but since I pinned my number from the inside I decided to stay with short sleeves. I didn’t want to fuss with it and get frustrated.

Lining up, by number, we had a few people miss their start times as there was some confusion where to start. My 0:30 man was a no show, so my carrot would be a min up the road and the man behind me would also be a min behind. Got to the start line, clipped in, took a deep breath, and off I went. I just had a few mental cues during my ride; Turtle the head, roll the shoulders, and bury your head and smash watts. I had a few minor hiccups where I didn’t maintain my momentum as I hoped and had to fight the machine a little, but overall I was pleased. The uphill sprint to finish the TT was so painful but so much fun, it always feels great to empty the tank.

The results!
 Hayes Sanborn, Cat 5 Time Trial, 7:52 (28.16mph) 2nd Place

To Skin Suit or Not to Skin Suit, That is the Question

As rain poured down tonight and the reality of summer’s ending settled in, I realized the race calender had only one remaining race-dot. For a roadie like myself, the Fall Fling signals the end is no longer near, but present. No Monkeys raced in last weekend’s road race and crit…but this Saturday’s Time Trial has attracted a few riders in search of a Skin Suit. (I capitalize Skin Suit in order to not inadvertently discount its formal nature). Yet not as a Pirate is in search of treasure for spoil, these riders in search of a Skin Suit have deeper intentions. I behold: The Skin Suit Challenge…

Discipline: Individual Time Trial in B.F. Egypt
Distance: 12.5km (7.75 miles)

Contestant 1: Dean Okun (SpiderMonkey Cycling)
C1 Bike: Pegoretti
C1 Aerobars: No
C1 Wheels: Deep Dish
Kansas University Alum: `86

Contestant 2: Andrew Zens (SpiderMonkey Cycling)
C2 Bike: Madone-sweet discovery logos too
C2 Aerobars: No
C2 Wheels: Non-Deep Dish
Kansas University Alum: `07

The moonshine lit juvenile quarrels involving story telling and gentlemen bets led to this very challenge: loser wears the long-sleeve SpiderMonkey Skin Suit to the end of the year Formal (did I forget the humiliation factor?). Andrew heads out of the gate 60 seconds before Dean with a racer half-way in between. Both riders have declined comment on whether they will be wearing a time trial helmet.

At about 20 mph for 60 secs Andrew should have about 500 meters on Dean. The wind will play a definite factor as well as cornering ability. Weather could be bad so I assume both will race with virtually no skin on their body getting air during the race; something they haven’t done since Super Spring Crit in Beloit.

I wish I could say that the the coverage starts at 10am with Paul and Phil then onto the sweet shots of the team buses with Ben Stiller breaking time trial bikes and guys with ice vests drilling it on the trainer, but I can’t. However, Andrew and Dean will be rockin’ an iPod on respective Cyclops’ having a Zym under the 312 tent while I enjoy a few 312s myself…

Something tells me they will be joking when they start warming up and then the reality of the Skin Suit sets in.


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