by Bailey Hatch

Two cyclists, with the last name Hatch!

Two cyclists, with the last name Hatch!

For thirteen years,

Swimming was all I knew.

Pruney fingers,

And chlorine perfume.


After a season of D1,

And 25lbs gained,

I was feeling tired,

And rather drained.


So my dad bought me a bike,

And some padded shorts to match,

There were now two cyclists,

With the last name Hatch!


An avid cyclist,

He taught me to ride,

Though on our first one,

I nearly died.


“Try harder” he said,

As he left me in the dust.

I tried to hang on,

But my ass was bust.


Eventually I could keep up,

And I rode more and more.

(Despite the 3 crashes,

And time I sailed into a door.)


I joined Illini Cycling,

And met three silly boys,

We’d drink and I’d listen,

While they talked about bike toys.

Illini Cycling!

Illini Cycling!

The cycling community,

Was so supportive and great.

And when my dad got sick,

They stepped up to the plate.


Riders reached out,

To offer love and support.

Because as we all know,

Cycling is more than a sport.


It’s a lifestyle shared with friends-

Fellow crazies on tiny seats.

Riding hundreds of miles,

All through the streets.


He passed away,

In February 2011.

Peacefully, around friends,

He went off to heaven.


I think of my dad,

Every time that I ride

And being his daughter,

I take much pride.


I looked for a club team,

When I moved here last year.

“Join Spidermonkeys!” said Eric Landahl.

“There’s bikes and there’s beer.”


So I joined the team,

And got really fast!

Accomplished my first century,

And had a blast.


Thanks for being awesome!

I’m a much better rider.

So proud to be a monkey,

That looks like a spider.

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