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NSC Velodrome
La Crosse Omnium
Joe Martin Stage Race

Joe Martin Stage Race

May 2014

"I almost threw up. I figured this boded well and that I would likely do better in the real thing since it would have at least one point, which would be to not be last."[...]

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Spidermonkey of the Week

Spidermonkey of the Week - Nate Miller

Spidermonkey of the Week - Nate Miller

February 2014

When I was quite a bit younger, I enjoyed reading a book as much as I enjoyed playing outside. But I would also slowly ease into things, such as driving a go-cart at half speed so it wouldn't spin out. With the go-cart, I just wanted to be careful, despite the fact that my brother, a few years younger, was doing just fine at full speed. Somewhere a[...]